Engaging Tunisian Youths and Young Adults with Their Heritage Hands On!

Throughout this project the Virtual Experience Company's team and partners developed a range of experimental, interactive experiences designed to make Tunisia's historical heritage more accessible and engaging.

The Neptune House

Virtual Reality allowed our audiences to walk through a reconstructed Roman house built on the ruins of the 'Neptune House' a building in Thuburbo Majus.

Flight Over Excavation Sites

Video and imagery captured with drones provided a bird's eye view of the large excavation sites; how much has been discovered and how much is still waiting to be revealed.

Conversation with History

Augmented Reality brought artifacts and mosaics to life that normally hang silent on the walls, willing them to reveal their stories and myths.


3D scans gave visitors and archaeologists a chance to study and explore the artifacts of the El Jem Museum in much greater detail - without constant fear of dropping something very old and valuable.