The Power of Digital Technology in the Heritage Sector: Conservation, Exploration and the Creation of Truly Memorable Experiences

  • Virtual Reality

Fully immersive virtual environments that surround you
Reconstructions based on archaeological research and data reveal new questions and answers
Interactive exploration of history in a virtual world that brings places to life and makes learning about the past an engaging adventure
Play with the exhibits, take a stroll through an ancient building, encounter characters and listen to their stories
  • 360° Panoramas

Full 360 images that can be viewed on screen as well as through a VR Headset or VR capable mobile device
Virtual Tours through sites and museums that can be embedded in websites, accessed as apps on mobile and tablet or shown on site
  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality links real and virtual images together to add information and life to exhibits
Using their own mobile devices, visitors can explore the hidden stories behind artifacts, converse with the exhibit's pieces and view the excavation site and its changes throughout time
Once back home they can return to the experience and share it with others
  • 3D Reconstruction

Capture and modelling of objects and entire excavation sites
Reconstructions of historical structures based on data and research
Study and experimentation for the reconstruction of design and building processes in a virtual environment
Put your theories to the test: do they hold and can you expand on them?
  • Data Acquisition with Drones

Comprehensive Data Capture through drone photography, video and scanning of large and complex sites
Data processing through photogrammetry and laser scanning for highly accurate modelling of sites, buildings, and objects
  • Data Processing Using Games Technology

Integration of data, models and information in a game-style environment
Interactivity and engagement with objects and places
Authentic, powerful visuals and atmospheric experiences
Accessible and user-friendly data representation for further use in research and decision-making