Uthina Overview


Uthina, or otherwise known as Oudna, is another Roman city in Tunisia that has left vast amounts of archeological treasures to explore.

The ruins of Uthina cover an area of around three miles, indicating a large population having lived there. Visitors encounter large, eroded columns on tall platforms, ruins that can be identified as baths, remains of water reservoirs and an amphitheatre. In addition, many mosaics have been uncovered from the ruins.

Being the highest point in the centre of the city, the Citadel covers an area of about 1800 square meters, with the entrance facing the North West towards the amphitheatre. The thick walls were constructed of stone blocks, with a terrace and a balustrade winding itself around them. Chambers with vaulted roofs lie underneath, many still almost fully intact.

Furthermore the Amphitheatre contains four entrances, vaults and rooms under the arena and many upper arches, each still in near perfect condition, and is estimated to have seated 16,000 people. It is located to the North of Uthina, the structure having been dug into the slope, so only the top arcs of the structure rise above the ground. Though the structure is close to its original state, many renovations and digging have been undertaken since 1993 to make the site accessible for the public.

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